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Civic Skills to Support Student Success

Inspire students to become more engaged in their communities and more informed about their world with these standards-aligned civic explorations. Investigate the basics of democracy in action through timely real-world connections that are meaningful to students from all backgrounds.

Classroom Activity
Civic Participation

Protecting Democracy

Grades 5–12
60-90 minutes
Discover a simple starting point that every student can use to begin the lifelong process of civic engagement by thinking locally. Students will explore the personal responsibility and obligation that come with living in—and maintaining—a democratic society.
Classroom Activity
Democratic Principles

A More Perfect Union

Grades 5–12
60-90 minutes
Explore the ways that essential democratic skills outlined in the U.S. Constitution are still relevant in student’s everyday lives. Students can practice democratic skills like self-advocacy and discourse while sharing their viewpoints in a class discussion.

“Democracy really is a living, breathing process that changes with the times, but needs everyone’s input to accurately reflect the wishes of those who are a part of it.”

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