Integrate Civic Learning Directly into your School Day

Empowering Every Students’ Civic Voice

Connect a new generation of students to the unique American legacy of civic action and democracy as a way of life. Explore civics in the classroom, in students’ communities and beyond with these no-cost digital resources.

Pillars of Civics

Build students’ understanding of core civics principles.

This easy-to-use resource introduces students to the foundational skills needed to stand up and speak out.

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Classroom Resources

Spark conversations in class with standards-aligned resources

Explore hands-on curriculum resources that draw on current events along with our nation’s rich civic history.

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Virtual Field Trip

Dive into the past and present of civic engagement in the US.

Inspire a new generation of engaged and informed students with this virtual celebration of democracy in action.

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Additional Resources

Additional Resources

Explore Scholarships, Programs, and Offerings for aspiring young leaders at the Reagan Foundation. 

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About the Program

The Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation and Institute and Discovery Education are partnering to connect a new generation of students to the essential American tradition of civic engagement. Through compelling, real-world content for classrooms and beyond, Civics Connected empowers students of all backgrounds with a working knowledge of democracy, and the skills needed for creating change. Explore America’s use of civic action throughout history, using our standards-aligned resources for students in grades 5–12.

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“Students receiving high quality civics education have been shown more likely to understand public issues, view political engagement as a means of addressing communal challenges, and participate in civic activities.”